The use of SCADA in automation

In my earlier article, I have mentioned all about plc automation and the use of plc in automation. I have also mentioned that we will discuss in brief about the scada in automation in the next article. And here is the time to discuss about it in brief. Yes, we are going to see about the use of scada in automation and how it has been widely used in the automation industry. The scada is one of the tools used in automation and ranks first along with plc. If you are planning for plc scada training in Chennai, then you should know about it in detail so that you don’t feel hard in learning that. Let us move into the topic in brief.

PLC is used to program it and we need to control and monitor the programs frequently and how the monitoring work is done. It is done with the help of supervisory control and data acquisition, which is known in short form known as scada. With this you can monitor the computer system and can control the infrastructure and facility based process of the industries with ease. In the industrial process, production, manufacturing, fabrication, power generation and refining are done. Infrastructure process include water distribution and treatment, waste water collection and treatment, wind farms, defence siren system and large communication system

Communication, programmable logic control, remote terminal units and human machine interface are the subsystems of the scada system. Supervision and control are what all about scada deal with and you can communicate with the other infrastructure and can connect to the remote supervisory system by using the remote terminal units. This unit is getting connected to the sensors in the process and connect the sensor signals into digital data. The user can gather all the data on the process and can send and receive commands to the process. Without us, it is not easy to control the process and through the human machine interface, the human operator can monitor and control the process.

It is an apparatus in which the data processes are present to the human operator and though this we can easily control the process. It is usually linked through some database programs and software’s for diagnostic data and management information. The most beautiful aspect of this system is alarming handling and it alarms whenever the conditions are satisfied. You can also determine when the alarm was occurred and once you detect, you can take more actions in the process. People from other countries and states come to learn plc scada training in India. Our Chennai city is best in plc automation training and most of the people look for plc scada training in Chennai. Chennai is getting famous as PLC Chennai because of the good teaching facility provided by the training centers. Those who studied plc scada training in Chennai are working in a good concern with a decent salary and with job satisfaction.

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